About her

Dareen Christabel is a mixed-methods UX Researcher with a combined 4+ years of experience conducting academic and user research. After discovering the field of UX, she decided to make an intentional pivot to dive deeper into her passion of the principles of user research.

Dareen specializes in multiple research methods and have experience conducting research throughout the various stages of product development. She is thoughtful in implementing both qualitative and quantitative principles in her work and has a strong belief of the usefulness and importance of each sides of the coin.

Apart from her work, Dareen is dedicated to the world of arts and entertainment, specifically music, dance, and video games. After she’s done with her responsibilities of the day, she’d listen to music, read murder mystery novels, play some games, or learn choreographies.

Main focus:
- Research recruitment
- In-depth surveys
- User interview
- Usability testing
- Competitive analysis
- Product-market fit assessment
- Interactive design

A picture of Dareen