About Her

Dareen Christabel is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Information at the University of Toronto (Canada), under the User Experience Design concentration.

Before pursuing a Master's degree, Dareen worked as a UX Researcher at Halodoc, a Telehealth company in her home country of Indonesia, for a year.

Prior to that, Dareen was involved in various UX research projects as a freelance UX Research consultant in the United States. As so, she's had the privilege of dipping her toes in multiple industries (i.e. travel, furniture, technology and smartphone, etc.). She's eager to continue expanding her knowledge.

From her cumulative experience as a UX researcher, both in the United States and Indonesia, Dareen prides herself in her rich understanding of and respect towards others with different background, culture, and characteristics. This outlook is wholeheartedly extended to fellow coworkers and users.

At the heart of it all, her interest in UX research lies in the prospect of problem solving. Her excitement is palpable as she brainstorms what sort of a research approach leads her the closest to relevant answers, which can then lead to data-driven solutions. Her Bachelor's degree in Psychology also serves as a solid foundation to her modus operandi with research involving human subjects.

Apart from her work, Dareen is dedicated to the world of arts and entertainment, specifically music, dance, and video games. After finishing her responsibilities for the day, she’d listen to music, read murder mystery novels, play some video games, work on jigsaw puzzles, or learn dance choreographies.

A picture of Dareen